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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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What is Pulse mode on Geek Bar?

on June 05, 2024

The Pulse mode on a Geek Bar allows the vape to generate bigger more flavor full puffs of clouds. This mode draws more power and uses more e-liquid with each puff; therefore, the total puff count in Pulse mode is rated at 7,500. Pulse Mode on Geek Bar is an innovative feature designed to enhance your vaping experience. By delivering power in rapid bursts instead of a continuous stream, Pulse Mode offers several key benefits that set it apart from standard vaping modes.

Key Benefits of Pulse Mode

  1. Enhanced Flavor

    • The pulsing power delivery helps to vaporize e-liquid more efficiently, bringing out richer and more nuanced flavors from your favorite e-juices.
  2. Improved Throat Hit

    • For those who crave the sensation of a traditional cigarette, Pulse Mode delivers a sharper, more satisfying throat hit, closely mimicking the experience of smoking.
  3. Increased Battery Efficiency

    • By alternating power output, the dual coils in Pulse Mode can be more efficient with battery usage, potentially extending the battery life of your device between charges.

How to Use Pulse Mode

Using Pulse Mode on your Geek Bar is simple:

  1. Turn on your Geek Bar Pulse: Ensure your device is charged.
  2. Select Pulse Mode: Toggle Pulse Mode on all the way to the right.
  3. Vape and Enjoy: Experience the enhanced flavor, throat hit, and battery efficiency.